eCredit Recovery Program

Students who have failed specific core courses have another opportunity for success through the SVVSD eCredit Recovery Program. St. Vrain offers a standards-based, hybrid credit recovery program that allows students to recover credit by retaking only the concepts in which they were previously unsuccessful. We currently offer high school credit recovery courses in math, social studies and English.

As a hybrid option for recovering credit, the eCredit recovery program offers students the opportunity to meet face to face with licensed teachers twice a week after school, as well as the flexibility of completing their coursework online from anywhere, and at anytime. In order to receive final credit in the SVVSD eCredit recovery program, students in the program must successfully complete required coursework, quizzes and tests within the twelve week session. Students participating in the program receive academic support from a licensed teacher. Teachers closely monitor student progress and communicate frequently with students, parents and counselors. Students in the during- the- day program are mentored daily by a certified teacher. Typically, each school year will run two twelve week sessions, one in September and one in January. Students are expected to complete their course requirements within a session.

Schedule, registration and program details can be found at: