100 Mile Club

Why the 100 Mile Club?

  • One of two $100,000 National Winners of the ASAP (Active Schools Acceleration Project) in 2012 (the other was Red Hawk Elementary)
  • Well-established national program
  • Provides ongoing support and resources to schools (website, email, phone, newsletter, media tools, helpful suggestions and instructions)
  • Students receive milestone incentives (Challenge Accepted ID card, t shirt, golden pencil, wrist band, final certificate and medal)


3-5 days a week for 30 minutes or more is optimal. The 100 Mile Club was designed to occur in the mornings before school in order to have the greatest impact on academic achievement and behavior. However, schools can choose to implement the 100 Mile Club after school if they determine that before school is not the best option for them.


As 100 Mile Club participants, students can track the miles they walk or run during 100 Mile Club designated time before or after school, during recess, and at 100 Mile Club sanctioned community events.