Upcoming Meetings

There are currently no upcoming committee meetings scheduled.

Meeting Time 
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Meeting Location 
ESC Building - Operations & Maintenance Conference Room 395 South Pratt Parkway Parkway Longmont, Colorado

Finance and Audit Committee

This community advisory team, made up of private citizens with financial backgrounds, meets twice a month to provide independent oversight to the District’s Financial reporting process, the internal control systems, and the annual independent audit of the District. The committee’s focus is on both District-level and school-level financial accountability.

For additional information and questions about the committee, please contact Greg Fieth (303) 682 - 7203.


Community Reps

  • Erika Lind (Co-chair)
  • Heather Parrish (Co-chair)
  • Scott Gilbert
  • Ramona Farineau
  • Kristyn Unrein
  • Adam Bergquist

BOE Reps

  • Joie Siegrist
  • Paula Peairs

District Reps

  • Jane Frederick
  • Greg Fieth
  • Tony Whiteley
  • Shelly Murphy