District Board Meetings

Regularly scheduled Board of Education meetings are held in the boardroom at 395 S. Pratt Parkway, typically on the second, third, and fourth Wednesdays of each month, and are open to the public.

As a public service, Board Meetings are streamed live at http://stvra.in/boardlive. In case of technical difficulties beyond our control, any type of Board Meeting recording that was able to be captured will be on the District website as soon as possible after the Board Meeting.

Complete Board Agendas/Board Packets will be available on the website the Monday before the Board meeting. Official posting sites for Board of Education agendas are this District website and the lobby of the Educational Services Center at 395 South Pratt Parkway.

Board of Education meetings are available for download. To download: click here to access the St. Vrain Valley Schools video archives; click on the title of the video you wish to download; look for the download button below the video frame.

Requests to speak during the public comment portion of Board Meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic should be sent to boardofeducation@svvsd.org and must include name, address, and phone number. Requests must be submitted no later than noon the Tuesday before the scheduled Board Meeting. See Board Policy BEDH and BEDH-R for additional details on public participation.

Regular Board Meetings will be streamed live at http://stvra.in/boardlive and the video of the meeting will be on the District website as soon as possible after the meeting.

The Board of Education Secretary is available at (303) 682-7292 to answer additional questions about Board of Education Meetings.

Click here to learn more about the Board of Education Members.

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