Title I

Regina Renaldi
Assistant Superintendent of Priority Programs

Patrick Kilcullen
Priority Programs Coordinator

Literacy Coordinators

  • Alice Laliberty
  • Karla Lipp
  • Sandra Vazquez

The largest of the entitlement grants received through the Consolidated Federal Programs is Title I. Five schools in St. Vrain Valley Schools are Title I schools based on school poverty rates. They are as follows: Columbine, Indian Peaks, Northridge, Rocky Mountain, and Timberline K-8 School.

Title I Part A, provides resources to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive a quality education, resulting in their attainment of high academic standards. Title I targets resources to districts and schools whose needs are the greatest. The program is the largest ESEA program supporting both elementary and secondary education. The USDE allocates funds based on census poverty rates from ages 5 through 17. Essentially, Title I focuses on providing additional instructional time in the areas of reading and math. Eligibility is based on statutory formulas.

Ways in which schools and districts can use Title I dollars include:

  • Extended-time programs (such as before/after school programs, summer school)
  • Parent Involvement
  • Professional development
  • Support for scientifically-based programs and strategies

Even though the amount of Title I funds a school and district may receive is based on poverty rates, the children that benefit from the program(s) are not, necessarily, just students of poverty. Rather, Title I programs work to address the needs of a school's lowest performing students and those students found to be at most risk for not meeting state academic standards.

The Title I program in St. Vrain:

  • Provides instructional staff (Title I teachers and coaches) to support supplemental and targeted reading instruction.  Title I staff serve as literacy leaders and liaisons in their schools
  • Emphasizes parental involvement
  • Provides monthly research-based professional development for Title I teachers

Additionally, the Title I Literacy Intervention Department Team offers English and Spanish literacy support services by providing instructional coaching, professional development, assessment leadership, diagnosing learner needs, data collection and analysis, and collaboration among programs such as ESL and bilingual education. Selection, maintenance, and implementation of programs are also priorities for the Title I Literacy department. The department works closely with the identified Title I schools, the Skyline feeder, and Thunder Valley K-8 School.