Rick Ruffino
Executive Director of Construction & Maintenance

Construction Manager 
Bryan Zwisler

Project Managers
Gary Frantz
Sam Freeman
Conan Smith
Julie Testa

Capital Reserve Manager
Colin York

Facility Information Coordinator 
Karen Ruszkowski

Coordinating Architect
Matt Tredennick

Patricia Davis

Secretary to the Executive Director
Karen Manning

Additional Resources

Parent Department


The Construction Department assists with building improvements funded from bonds, grants and capital improvement funding sources. We strive to create and improve learning environments by developing a standards based solutions approach, in the effort to achieve equitable opportunities for all students in the St. Vrain School District.

Below is a list of projects that the Construction Department oversees. 

  • Construction
  • Building Design
  • Facilitate Master Plan
  • Architectural/Engineering Services
  • Records Management
    • Property Deeds and Abstracts
    • Raw Water Records
    • Historical Archives
    • Building Design Documents
    • Building Equipment Warranty Records
    • Building Equipment Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Building Bond Program
  • Manage Capital Reserve Fund
  • Technical Specifications
  • Educational Specifications
  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Warranty