Communication Awards

International Association for Public Participation

National Schools Public Relations Association (NSPRA)

2019 Awards

  • National Excellence Award in Magazine Publications: St. Vrainnovation Magazine
  • National Excellence Award in Internet/Intranet Websites: St. Vrainnovation Magazine Website
  • National Merit Award in Videos Produced In-House: Empowering the Future
  • National Merit Award in Videos Produced In-House: The Future of America
  • National Honorable Mention in e-Newsletters: Superintendent's Update
  • National Honorable Mention in Marketing Publications: Driving the Future Bus Branding

Colorado Schools Public Relations Association (COSPRA)

St. Vrain Valley Schools has won many COSPRA awards over the past decade. Below is a sampling of recognitions from the past few years.

2019 Awards

2018 Awards

2017 Awards

2016 Awards

  • Gold Medallion Award - School Communications Toolkits
  • Excellence Award: Unframed - 2015 District Art Show Marketing Campaign
  • Excellence Award: District Art Show Photos
  • Excellence Award: Fall-In: A Guide to St. Vrain Valley Schools' Pep & Marching Bands
  • Excellence Award: 2015-2016 Gudie to High School Options Campaign
  • Merit Award: Advancing Excellence Annual Report